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Every Breath You Take


Sweetheart or stalker?

Most eighteen-year-old girls headed to college hope to win the heart of at least one handsome boy. College freshman Harper Cunningham has earned the attention of not one, but two upperclassmen: Caleb and Ryan – both eager to earn her affection in return.

Before long, Harper realizes she’s being stalked by a secret admirer. Hidden notes in her locked dorm room, footsteps behind her on campus, even her name set on fire in the middle of the quad. Is it Caleb? Ryan? Or someone who’s managed to keep their identity a secret.

Between lack of sleep, sheer terror, and medication meant to calm her nerves, Harper begins having difficulty separating her dreams from reality. Who can she count on and who poses a serious threat to her safety? Will Harper make the right choice? Because her sanity – and her life – may depend on it…

Every Move You Make

Every Move You Make_frontcover.jpg

How do you know who to trust?

It's been three years since The Sweetheart Strangler was apprehended, charged, and convicted and Harper has happily moved on with her life. When a schoolmate points out a newspaper article with a headline that a Sweetheart Strangler copycat has surfaced, Harper notices the article also happens to nonchalantly mention that The Sweetheart Strangler is currently serving a five-year sentence as a patient in a mental hospital.

With her attacker still very much alive, Harper has no truth to cling to. Everyone has spent the past three years lying: her family, her friends, the law. She reaches out to detectives who swore to her that The Sweetheart Strangler had died that day and they finally admit the truth. So who can she trust?

Six months after the copycat begins his reign of terror, the infamous stalker is released on probation.

Now Harper has two killers to worry about: one who knows her history and is completely unpredictable. And one who swore he would hunt her down...

I'll Be Watching You

I'll Be Watching You_frontcover.jpg

Will Harper's horror story ever end?

Four years after Kupid’s Killer was safely locked away. Everyone involved seems to have moved on. Harper and Callie, determined to start over, now live in Sheridan, Colorado.

Then Callie is abducted, the only clue is a ransom note threatening Callie's life unless nearly impossible demands are met.

With little time and even fewer clues, Harper and her friends must cooperate with detective Pete McKinnon, a man desperate to prove himself as Sheridan’s newest homicide detective. With Pete’s dedication and the help of Jason, now a private investigator, can this group band together to solve one more mystery and save an innocent child’s life before it’s too late?

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