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The Hollow Girls

The Hollow Girls.jpg


We're not the monsters you should be worried about...
In her hometown of Rockland Hollow, she's Nikki Lane by day: daughter extraordinaire, a straight-A, volunteering soccer star. At night (after homework of course), she's Karma: a retribution-seeking vigilante intent on helping the underdog.
Nikki and her gang of ladies known only as the Ghost Makers, do their best to intimidate and punish evil in their corner of the world. Each Maker is known only by her code name, and each has a very particular arsenal of skills.
Nikki does a pretty sweet job of maintaining her double life. Until her secret - and her life - get caught in the crossfire. But which front will she rely on when her worlds collide? And who can she trust?

The Lucky Strikes

The Lucky Strikes_coveronly.jpg

When her past catches up to her, will she fight or run?

More lightning strikes occur in Arcadia, Florida than anywhere else in the United States. Roxie Bishop and her father, Jack, are just trying to escape an unfortunate past when they pick Arcadia, thinking it's their best chance to blend in. Which goes great. Until Roxie suffers a lightning strike.

Even more alone than before, and desperate to find others like her, Roxie searches for a support group and eventually comes across an article on The Lucky Strikes. The exclusive group becomes Roxie's haven for release and eventually, she lets her guard down.

When Roxie and Jack's past catches up to them and they have nowhere else to turn, can she rely on her new friends for help? Or does one of them hide secrets, too?

The Lightning Riders

The Lightening Riders_frontcover_altcolo

A girl with multiple personalities—and abilities—gets caught up in a battle with otherworldly beasts and their master, a scorned woman out for revenge...

Haley Finn might seem like any other teenager. Except for the whole curse on her mother 17 years ago that left Haley with multiple personalities and some very inhuman abilities. Haley can manipulate the weather and her other personalities—JJ and Sara—each has unique abilities of their own. Too bad they can’t agree on boys, hairstyles, or anything else for that matter. In fact, the only thing they have in common is a shared body and mutual respect. Sometimes.

One summer night after Haley puts on a wicked lightning display, creatures unlike any they’ve ever seen appear out of nowhere. One of them speaks to Sara since she has the ability to communicate with animals. Baudelaire tells Sara that the Lightning Riders have come for a boy who holds the answer to their freedom. Turns out the boy next door (and crush of Haley’s) Drew, might have some secrets of his own.

It’s up to Haley to get the girls to work together because it's the only way to defeat the creatures and their master and send them all back where they came from. And just maybe win Drew’s heart in
the process...

Next In Line

Next In Line_frontcover_altcolor.jpg

Genetics can be a real B.

When most girls turn sixteen, they earn their driver's license. Maggie Townsend earns her wings and a badass tattoo. As an Angel of Death, Maggie is now responsible for taking souls to the other side, which lasts until her next female relative turns sixteen.

Eventually, Maggie learns to balance life, love, and "takes" (never mind the fact that she almost loses it every time blood is part of the scene) and is just getting settled into her new teenage version of normal, when her cousin disappears.

One by one Angels in the area vanish, taken by a nefarious group calling themselves "Demon Slayers". With the higher-ranking Angels gone, it becomes Maggie's job to find the Angels and bring them home. Because without them, no souls can be laid to rest.

She Dreams in Color

She Dreams in Color_frontcover_altcolor.

What do you think happens after you die?

In one swift, and unfortunate moment, Elle loses everything - including her life - in a car crash.

She awakens in a cemetery to learn that she's dead, but is allowed to relive one day of her life - and only two days to decide. The spirits of the cemetery surround her, ready to help her transition from living to dead.

As Elle meets various inhabitants of the cemetery, she realizes she was very naive in life. As her new reality falls apart, Elle wonders what really happened the night her truck skidded off the road. Is there really such a thing as life after death?

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