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Hell on Heels

Hell on Heels front cover only_updated.J

Does it matter if you're pretty and popular if you're damned for eternity?

A lifelong wallflower, and always second best to her younger sister, Ophelia Devereaux trades her soul to be the prettiest and smartest girl at Fairview High. And because Karma's a...well, you know...Ophelia finds herself standing before Lilith, ruler of Hell, much quicker than expected.

After her arrival, Ophelia learns that the Black Queen has a problem: someone in Hell is a traitor and Lilith tasks Ophelia--like she has a choice--with confirming her suspicions.

With her deadline approaching at lightning speed--and two very handsome men to distract her--Ophelia is worried she won't be able to appease the Black Queen in time...and at deadly consequences. Because as it turns out, there is such a thing as a fate worse than death...

Hounds of Hell

02_Hounds of Hell_frontcover.jpg

Woman's Best Friend

Now that Ophelia has successfully uncovered Hell's traitor (and now that he's been eliminated), a new role has opened: Hellhound Handler. Lucky for Ophelia, she's lined up to compete for the spot, thanks to Damien's nomination, along with two very familiar faces.

As the tournament ramps up, Ophelia is quickly reminded that nothing is as it seems in the Assembly. The competition rounds are dangerous, complicated, and nearly impossible.

Three puzzles to complete. Three rivals. One winner. But what do you really win? And what happens to the losers? Nothing's fair in this hellish competition. And suddenly Ophelia has a lot more to lose than just the job title.

Battle of the Queens

03_Battle of the Queens_frontcover_03262

Her first year in Hell might be winding down, but the drama is only ramping up.

Ophelia is enjoying her place at the top of her game. After all, an eternal sentence is no reason to be miserable. 

But when Hell is threatened from outside sources, the Black Queen appoints Ophelia to be her right-hand woman in the face of battle. It's been centuries since anyone dared challenge the Assembly, but with rumors swirling, and increasing pressure from the Summit, it seems as though another war is all but inevitable. 

Except Lilith has a secret weapon: Ophelia. And with a very tempting reward should Ophelia succeed. 

Ophelia is both motivated and terrified by the potential prize should she lead the Assembly to victory. But will she survive the task? And even if she does, can the Black Queen be trusted to keep her word?

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